In May, 2010, over 100 Jefferson County women gathered to hear how they might make a difference in the lives of women and girls in our County.  As a result of that meeting, $30,000 was raised to start the Fund for Women & Girls (FW&G), a ‘Field of Interest’ of the Jefferson Community Foundation (JCF)*.

*Previously, the Jefferson County Community Foundation (JCCF).

This endowed fund is used annually to award grants to Jefferson County nonprofit agencies that are making a difference in the lives of women and girls.  Because the Fund is endowed (i.e. yearly interest earned on the principal fund) it is ongoing, not only helping women and girls now, but for future generations to come.

Early in the Fall of each year, based on information gathered from the local community, in coordination with the FW&G Steering Committee, the Grant Committee develops and disseminates a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the annual grant. The Grant Committee then reviews the submissions according to agreed-upon criteria and recommends to the Steering Committee the choice for the recipient organization. Historically, either a topical focus for the grant has been identified, several possible areas of interest have been suggested, or an open choice has been invited.  For the 2017-18 grant cycle, the topical focus will be on Women’s Health.



With the focus on Women’s (and Girls’) Health, the funds available for this year’s grant award will be $8200.

We invite a broad interpretation of “health” in developing a proposal, allowing you to explore a variety of options to consider for a project focus. To mention just a few examples, the range of potential topics might include aspects of reproductive and gynecological health, issues regarding gender identity and/or sexuality, substance abuse, domestic abuse, mental health, fitness and nutrition, family/relationship issues, puberty, menopause, aging, and cognitive decline/dementia.

We encourage applicants to think creatively in developing an innovative Women’s Health project that can potentially bring positive change to the lives of women and girls. We also wish to support projects that involve collaboration with another nonprofit, as well as projects that offer the possibility of becoming an ongoing component in your services and/or have a broader impact on the community.

2017-18 Timeline
  • April 20 Announcement of FW&G’s 2017-18 Grant sent to Jefferson County nonprofits, including an invitation to the organization to request an optional, informal one-on-one meeting with a member of the Grant Committee to learn more about the 2017 focus on Women’s (and Girls) Health.
  • July 15, 2017 Grant Request for Proposal (RFP) and Application Form made available to nonprofits.
  • August 9, 2017 Group informational meeting for nonprofits intrerested in applying
  • October 2, 2017 Application deadline
  • Early November, 2017 Announcement of grantee
  • 2018 Implementation of the grant project; report to FW&G



Since that initial gathering of women in 2010, the FW&G has awarded seven grants to local nonprofits.  The size of the grants over those 7 years has grown from $2,000 the first year to the $8,200 that will be awarded in 2017. The recipients of those grants have been:

2016-17:   Dove House: Healthy Meals Project

The funds from this grant are providing shelter residents the opportunity to plan healthy meals, learn how to obtain affordable ingredients for meals made from whole unprocessed foods, prepare those meals, and share them together in a familial atmosphere.

2015-16:   Centrum: DANCE THIS! Scholarships

This grant provided scholarships for six Jefferson County girls ages 14-18 to attend Centrum’s Dance This!, which provides a total-immersion, residential experience in cultural and contemporary dance training.

2014-15:   Marine Science Center: TEENS (Teens Envisioning & Engineering New Solutions) Project

This intensive weeklong summer camp for middle and high school girls explored public health and environmental challenges facing their communities, working together to create solutions utilizing the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

2013-14:   Clemente Course and Dove House: Clemente Family Financial Literacy and Empowerment Project

This collaborative program integrated elements of the Clemente Course in the Humanities with Dove House’s existing Financial Management Course, providing a stepping stone for students to be accepted into the Jefferson Clemente Course and/or Team Jefferson’s Business Planning class.

2012-13:   Olympic Community Action Program (OlyCap): Emergency Solution Project

This project assisted families with transition costs as they moved from temporary to permanent housing.

2011-12:   Port Townsend Friends of the Library: Women in Transition Program

This project supported women age 20+ in identifying and clarifying a targeted career plan that would help them create employment goals and work toward financial stability.

2010-11:   Marine Science Center: GIRLS (Girls in Real Life Science)

This workshop assisted young women in Jefferson County to learn how to develop their greatest potential in math and science by engaging them in a real-time scientific research project.